Are you a game lover who loves to try different types of games on your mobile phone and spend your free time with more fun? Are you a big fan of Nintendo games? Do you have GameCube or Wii console and want their games to play on PC/Mac?

If yes, then this guide will help you to get your favorite Nintendo game on your device.

If you want to play Nintendo games at various devices as you do your GameCube and Wii consoles, you require third-party software that would help you to achieve this goal smoothly.

Read carefully, here we are talking about third-party software, which is none other than an emulator.

No doubt, there are several emulators out there that let you install and run Nintendo games for GameCube and Wii consoles on Windows, Android, etc. But, it is always recommended to use the best, no matter what your needs are.

Here, the Dolphin emulator has gained the top position in the list of exclusive emulators for two Nintendo video game consoles, GameCube and Wii.

dolphin emulator

Now, before moving further to the guide, it would be good to know more about this emulator.

What is the Dolphin emulator?

The Dolphin emulator is specifically designed and developed to install and run games from two platforms, GameCube and Wii, which are Nintendo’s best gaming consoles, on different devices.

This emulator can be used on Android devices and can also run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. No matter on which platform you want to install this emulator, you need to go through different procedures to run apps that are not possible directly on your particular platform/device.

This free and open-source video game console emulator has been widely used by millions of people around the world, while many more are looking forward to getting it on their computer or phone.

Many people who are not aware of this emulator may be thinking of how this GameCube and Wii console emulator helps them in playing Nintendo games on their PC?

The solution is quite simple and it does not involve any complex procedure to follow in order to get your desired game app on the big screen of your Windows PC and Mac.

Dolphin emulator actually works by emulating the hardware of GameCube and Wii right on your PC/Mac and enables you to run the apps designed exclusively for these consoles.

Now, the question arises, why choose Dolphin over other similar emulators? Or, we can also say that how this emulator is better than others?

Features of Dolphin emulator

Features of any software or app play a great role in getting familiar with its offered functions and benefits. It also helps in making an informed decision when you have so many options to choose from.

Here are some of the amazing features of the Dolphin emulator that stand out from others.

  • The software is updated constantly, so there is no chance to get any bug or other issues while using this emulator.
  • It has an easy to use interface that allows you to easily access GameCube and Wii consoles with their respective buttons on its main screen. Adding games is also quite stress-free.
  • The emulator supports ISO extension files and various other formats, such as GCZ, CISO, WBFS, etc. So, if you are going to install any game, make sure it should have the extension supported and compatible with Dolphin, otherwise it will not work.
  • It allows you to save a running game at any time you want and continue playing it by reloading a state.
  • The features that make the games on this emulator more realistic and vivid are Anti-Aliasing and Anisotropic Filtering. It has also been experienced that games played on Dolphin are much better than on the Wii console.
  • Using Dolphin, you get a chance to play your favorite games on the maximum resolution in HD up to 1080p. This makes it even better than the original Wii as this console lacks this feature.
  • You can also gain a better gaming experience by connecting Wiimote and Nunchuck to your system.

These features help you to understand the benefits of using Dolphin on your PC/Mac in a better way.

So, it would be good to move to the next section where you will get the step-by-step guide to get the Dolphin emulator on your PC/Mac.

How to Install Dolphin Emulator on PC/Mac?

Like on other platforms, the Dolphin emulator on PC and Mac is the best choice to play virtually any Nintendo game without any issue.

Dolphin Emulator on PC_MacDolphin Emulator on PC_Mac

What makes it more preferable than other GameCube and Wii emulators is the ability to provide you the experience of playing the game in full HD (1080p). It also offers various other enhancements that ensure to deliver excellent gaming experience on your PC and Mac, these include turbo speed, multiplayer networking, as well as high compatibility with all PC controllers.

In addition to this, you will experience much better graphics than on the original consoles.

Now, after this, you will definitely want to give one chance to Dolphin emulator to play your favorite Nintendo video game available for GameCube or Wii on your PC/Mac.

Installing Dolphin Emulator on PC

Getting a dolphin emulator on your Windows PC is very easy and this wonderful GameCube and Wii emulator will be ready to run on your PC within a few minutes.

  • First of all, you have to download the Dolphin emulator on your PC.
  • For this, you have to click on the below-listed link to download the Dolphin emulator APK file.
  • Once it is downloaded, go to the ‘Downloads’ folder on your PC and double-click on this file.
  • It will initialize the installation process of the emulator.
  • You will get a pop-up that will warn you with a message ‘This app may harm your device’. There is nothing to worry about, so ignore this message.
  • Once the emulator is installed completely, you will get a notification.
  • Now, you can use Dolphin on your PC with no problem.

Once you have installed a Dolphin emulator on your Windows PC, you need to make some changes in its settings.

The next section involves some important points that you must consider to set up a Dolphin emulator on PC.

Setting up Dolphin on Windows PC

Here, you will learn how to set up a dolphin emulator on your PC so that you can play GameCube and Wii games easily.

  • Open the Dolphin emulator.
  • Click the ‘Graphics’ button from the top bar.
  • In the General tab of the Graphics Configuration window, select the option ‘Direct3D 11’ in the ‘Backend’ section.

dolphin emulator

  • Check the ‘Show FPS’ option.
  • Now, click the ‘Enhancements’ tab.
  • In the ‘Internal Resolution’ option, select ‘Native (640×528)’.
  • In the ‘Anti-Aliasing’ option, select ‘None’.
  • In ‘Anisotropic Filtering‘, select ‘1x’.

Apart from these, you can select the options under the various given settings as per your preferences.

Installing GameCube game on PC using Dolphin Emulator

As you have already learned the steps to install dolphin on PC, now, it’s time to run your desired GameCube or Wii game on your system.

  • For this, firstly you need to download and install the desired game on your PC from any reliable source on Google.
  • For example, download and install ‘Super Mario Sunshine’, which is developed by Nintendo for GameCube.
  • Open the Dolphin emulator.
  • Click the ‘Configuration’ button from the top bar.
  • Here, you have to click the ‘Paths’ tab to add the installed ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ game in the emulator.
  • Click the Add button and select the game from the location where it is installed.
  • Now, double-click the game to open it.
  • Go ahead and start playing your favorite game on your PC.

Dolphin emulator on Android

As this emulator is also available for Android, so let’s focus on using Dolphin on Android devices. Downloading and installing this emulator is quite simple and easier as you do with other apps on Android.

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for ‘Dolphin emulator’ in the Play Store.
  • Once it is found, click on its Install button.

dolphin emulator on android

  • After its installation, you have to click ‘Yes’ for ‘Enable usage statistics reporting’.
  • Now, you can download games for Wii and GameCube consoles from any reliable source on the internet.

There may be a situation, where you are unable to download the Dolphin emulator from the Google Play Store. In this case, you have to download the Dolphin emulator APK by clicking the download button available here.

File size for most of the games is more than 1GB, while some are 5GB in size. So, if you are going to play Nintendo games for these consoles on Android devices, you must have a lot of space on your device.

Setting up Dolphin on Android

You may find it a little difficult when it comes to setting up Dolphin as there are numerous options available that may improve its performance but may deteriorate the graphic quality.

In the configuration panel for general settings, follow these points.

  • ‘CPU Core’ must be set to JIT ARM64 Recompiler.
  • Check the options ‘Dual Core’ and ‘Override Emulated’.
  • ‘Emulated CPU clock speed’ should be somewhere between 40% and 100%.
  • Set ‘Speed Limit’ to 100%.
  • Keep all other general settings as they are.
  • Don’t forget to click on the floppy disk icon.

In the configuration panel for visual settings, follow these points.

  • Set ‘Video Backend’ to OpenGL.
  • Check the option ‘Show FPS’.

dolphin emulator show fpsdolphin emulator show fps

  • ‘Shader Compilation Mode’ must be set to Asynchronous as it will allow the smooth running of most games.
  • ‘Aspect Ratio’ option can be set to as per your wish, like if you want an image to be stretched on the entire screen or a small ratio.
  • In ‘Enhancements’ settings, you have the choice to set the internal resolution from the given options, from 640×528 to even 4K.
  • In ‘Hacks’, activate all options except ‘Defer EFB Copies to RAM’

Is the Dolphin emulator safe and legal?

Many people who want to download the Dolphin emulator on their PC/Mac raise a question about the safety and privacy of their system. They also want to confirm whether this emulator is legal or not. Your doubts will be cleared with these answers.

Dolphin is Safe to use

Yes, it is 100% safe as it does not contain malware, viruses, etc. All you need is to find and download Dolphin from a reliable source. For this, it is recommended to download Dolphin APK from our provided link, safe and trusted.

Moreover, the Dolphin emulator is constantly updated, so if any bug is found by the developers, it gets fixed at the same time.

Dolphin is Legal to use

Yes, it is legal as it is just software that replicates the hardware of GameCube and Wii consoles. You can download and use this emulator without any fear of legal repercussions.

System Requirements

Every Nintendo game has different requirements. It means some games require a system with high configuration, while some run smoothly on the ordinary system specifications. So, before installing the Dolphin emulator on your Windows PC, it would be good to know whether your system meets these minimum requirements or not.

  • Windows – 7 (x86 and x64) or higher version
  • CPU – Core i5 2500k or above
  • RAM – 2GB
  • Graphics Card – Nvidia 8800GT, AMD HD6850 or equivalent

Alternatives of Dolphin Emulator

No worries if you ever feel like trying an emulator other than Dolphin. There are a number of such emulators that are highly effective as the best alternatives of a dolphin emulator to run GameCube and Wii games on PC/Mac.

  • WhineCube Emulator
  • Dolwin Emulator
  • SuperGCube Emulator
  • GCEMU Emulator
  • CubeSX Emulator
  • Cube64 Emulator

You can choose any emulator to play your favorite GameCube and Wii game. Though they may have some differences in their performance and graphics quality, all these are the best choices to gain a wonderful Nintendo gaming experience.

Moreover, they also save many dollars as there is no need to buy GameCube or Wii console to play Nintendo games on your PC.

Final Words

Overall, we can say that the Dolphin emulator is worth giving a try. Also, the performance of this emulator when running on Windows PC and Mac is far better than the performance it delivers on Android, and even on the original consoles.

Getting Dolphin on PC and Mac will definitely help a lot in bringing some great memories back.